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 About William Neely



"What is your Revolutionary DNA?  What is your family's contribution to the building of America?  I can discover that for you." —William Neely, ED.D, Revolutionary War Ancestry Specialist.

Founded & Managed by William Neely, Ed.D.


Rotary International, Milledgeville, GA Club (1986- 2014; President 2000-2001)

Sons of the American Revolution, John Milledge Chapter —Past President, 53 Proven Revolutionary Ancestors

Sons of the Revolution, Georgia Society

Flagon and Trencher —The Society of Descendants of Colonial Tavern Keepers (John Kerlin:  Sign of the White Horse, Paoli, PA)

Society of the War of 1812 in the State of Georgia

Mensa International,1979

First Families of Ohio (Pre-Statehood)

First Families of Western Pennsylvania

Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers

American Legion, Morris-Little Post 6, Milledgeville, GA.  United States Army, Vietnam Era.


A South Georgia Yankee in King James Court © 1985

An Analysis of Curricular Change at Four-Year United Methodist Church Related Colleges 1970-1979 © 1986

Outside-In:  The Kingdom of God for the Theologically-Challenged © 2014


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