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Recent client reviews:


"Bill Neely was instrumental in my joining the Sons of the American Revolution.  My ancestry is mostly Quaker and, as they are conscientious objectors, it was going to be difficult to find contributors to the American Revolution.  He was able to find not one but five ancestors of mine who contributed to the Revolution.  His knowledge of genealogical tracing is substantial.  I know nothing about genealogical research and he is a master of it.  He can find links in a matter of minutes where it would take me days to find the same information.  He uses a variety of sources in proving lineage.  I have been very satisfied with Bill's services in this field." —Chuck Bundy, Pataskala, Ohio 


"I asked Bill Neely to research my family for a bloodline to the American Revolution.  My goal was to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Bill connected the dots back eight generations to a soldier of the Revolution.  My DAR Registrar stated, 'I have never seen such clean paperwork.  All I had to do was submit it as Bill presented it.'  I am now a member of DAR.


One thing I found helpful was the small amount of information Bill required to get started on the project.  My parents' names and dates of their births and deaths, as well as residences.  He took care of the rest!  I found the experience very professional and timely.  I recommend Bill Neely and Revolutionary Genealogical Services to anyone needing genealogical research!" —Tina B. Parks, Macon, GA

"My wife and I both wanted to learn more about our family genealogies.  We had some information, legends, and a few dead ends, but lacked any supporting evidence or documentation.  Dr. William Neely agreed to help us.  He did an outstanding job of collecting a portfolio of documentation and constructing a narrative that carried our genealogies back into the 1700's.  His work for us met the rigorous standards of both DAR and SAR.  He is competent, professional and did an outstanding job for us." —Dr. Victor Hugo Hobbs and Rebecca Tribble Hobbs, Milledgeville, GA



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