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 Our Services: Why Choose Us? 

Why use our services?


If you Google "my ancestry research" today, over four million search results appear!  Where would you start?  Who would you trust?  How much would it cost?  At Revolutionary Genealogical Services, we understand the research process and have a proven process designed especially for tracing Revolutionary War ancestry.  If you wish to discover evidence that should lead to a successful application process, we can help.  We specialize in American Heritage research. 

How does the process work?
We begin with an initial consultation for each new client.  Rates are hourly and vary with the degree of specialization required.  Each case is unique and will receive our full resources until completed.  Here's what you can expect from our Revolutionary Genealogical Services:
  • Research:  our research process is a proven method for securing satisfactory results.  Simply complete a brief informational questionnaire and we will begin work;
  • Provide evidence:  we strive to provide evidence tracing your family's ancestry back to its Revolutionary roots.  To date, our research has lead to over 100 successful applications approved by the Sons of the American Revolution®, the Daughters of the American Revolution®, The National Society of the Colonial Dames® and other American heritage historic preservation organizations;
  • Prepare and present documentation:  our findings will be provided to you in an appropriate format for convenient use and access, expediting your American heritage application process.
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